A Beach Lover: 25 Week Bump Update!

I always pictured myself as one of those pregnant people that would take weekly bump pictures, but I honestly haven't had the time and I haven't been feeling very photogenic lately.

Today is your lucky day though, because I am gracing you all with a 25 week bump update!  The next time I get around to doing a bump update Baby H might be here (we are due Jan 2).

Shawl was from the Limited last year.  Did you all know that The Limited closed all of it's stores?  Their website is currently down, but seems like it might be opening soon.  They had the cutest stuff, especially for work, so I hope they open their website again soon.

Feeling- I feel like I’ve actually had a pretty easy pregnancy (knock on wood).  I still get a little morning sickness here and there, but nothing to cry over.  The only other issues so far have been a little Sciatica in my lower left back.  It makes it hard to walk upstairs or even put shoes or pants on.  I had a bad cold the last two weeks and every time I coughed it was like someone was stabbing me in the back.  None of these are serious issues and I am just thankful that we were able to get pregnant and that we have a healthy baby on the way, so I will quit my complaining!

Cravings- I have not had any recent cravings (except for the hostess cupcake I couldn’t live without last week), but in my first trimester I could not stop eating popsicle's and rigatoni pasta.  There is also a gas station right down the street from our house, so I sent Steve down there a few times to get me a watermelon or cherry Italian ice (it sounds sketchy coming from a gas station, but they hand scoop it and it seriously is the best thing ever).

Also in the first trimester I would get really thirsty at night and crave every drink every made.  A drink I craved a lot was pink lemonade, so I always made sure to have it in the fridge.

Sleeping- I’ve always been a really good sleeper, but lately I’ve been suffering from pregnancy insomnia.  Hopefully that goes away so that I can get some shut eye before Baby H arrives and I never sleep again.  I just purchased this pregnancy pillow at BuyBuy Baby for $70 .  The original price was $85 and I used a 20% off coupon, I'll let you know if it helps my pregnancy insomnia.

Weight- I’ve pretty much been eating whatever I want throughout this pregnancy.  I’m actually disgusted with myself and need to start making healthier choices since it’s just more weight to lose after the baby arrives, but it’s so hard!  So far, I’ve gained about 13 pounds total.  

If any of you moms out there have tips on how to lose the weight fast, I would love to hear them.  I will try nursing of course once Baby H arrives.  Next up, diabetes test in a few weeks! Eeekk.

Wearing- I started wearing maternity clothes at around 23 week and I wish I started sooner.  I am in love with maternity jeans and pants and might even wear them when I’m not pregnant.  I didn’t think I would like the feeling of having a band over my stomach, but they are the most comfortable pants I’ve ever owned.  A lot of people swear by the belly band, but I just couldn't get used to the idea that my pants were unbuttoned and felt like it was too bulky with them unzipped.

I actually hit up a local consignment shop and purchased 2 pairs of maternity jeans and 3 maternity shirts for a total of $28.  The brands included, Heidi Klum, Old Navy and Gap! 

I also stopped into Macy's because they have a Maternity section and picked up a few things.  I bought another cute maternity shirt, a pair of skinny jeans and an amazing pair of black pants for work (seriously these black pants might be my new favorites).  I have linked them all below.

I thought Old Navy would have better selection in stores, but they only had one rack of extra large maternity clothes, so I was a little disappointed.

On the weekends, I've been living in black leggings, fitted t-shirts and over-sized cardigans.  I picked up a couple maternity T-Shirts at Target too.  I quickly realized that when you are pregnant flowy shirts are not your friend (especially when posing for pictures).

Skincare- I recently purchased Burt's Bee's Mama Bee Belly Butter at Target for around $10.  It definitely leaves my stomach feeling smooth, not sure it works good for stretchmarks and such yet, but I will let you know.  If you do purchase this be extremely careful when you open the jar, because it exploded everywhere and I mean everywhere.  I lost about half the jar which is a bummer, but at least it wasn't a break the bank creme. If anyone has any stretch-mark creme suggestions I would love to hear them!

Purchasing- I've been having a lot of fun purchasing a few decorations for Baby H's room.  I cant wait to show you guys my nursery inspiration soon!  I was also seeing this diaper bag all over my Facebook and just couldn't resist falling into the trap.  I opted for the turquoise one since I don't want to overdue it with the pink.  I'll let you know if it's anything like the pictures and videos.

That's all I have for a bump update today!  I would love to hear any recommendations that you have!

A Beach Lover: Pregnancy Announcement & Gender Reveal!

Holy crap, is it seriously September already?  I have had one crazy busy summer and am so glad that things have died down a little.   Here are some updates for you:
My former company got sold and I was laid off in July, I had a feeling it was coming and had a few other things in the works, but I was lucky enough to obtain a job within 2 weeks of being laid off!  Literally unheard of and my job is so much better now.  Everything really does happen for reasons we will never understand.
My husband also got promoted at his work….woo!
In case you missed the big news, Steve and I are expecting a baby in January!  We announced we were expecting on July 4th to all our social media friends.  In case you missed it, here are the pictures.

I ordered the PDF off Etsy from Joyful Art Designs, found HERE and then brought the PDF to a local print shop and had them mount it on thicker posterboard.  
We also had a gender reveal party at our house with our closest friends and family.  I was too busy to take pictures and completely forgot.  One day I will be prepared when our guests start arriving, but until then this is all I got.

I purchased pink and blue leis from a local dollar store and had our guests wear their guess
I had a dream a month before the gender reveal that the baby was a girl and the ultrasound tech accidently told us. So, as much as I was convinced that Baby H was a girl, I opted for both the pink and blue leis.
Since my husband is obsessed with golf, I just knew we had to do a golf ball gender reveal.  
The Dr. called us a week after our lab tests and she asked me on the phone if I wanted to know the gender.  Ekkk....as much as I did, I regrettably told her "no" and said that I would be by to pick up the results in a sealed envelope.
Looking back, I'm not sure how I drove from the Dr's office to my moms office without peeking inside, but I did it!   I don't know how people wait until they give birth to find out the gender, but props to them!
I didn't want any of our close friends and family to know the gender at the party, so I had my moms co-worker who is a family friend order our gender reveal golf ball.  She ordered the ball off  Etsy from Poof There It Is Reveals and it can be found HERE  If you have someone else order the ball for you, make sure that it ships to them and that they open it before, because my moms friend said that there were a few different hints on the outside.
If you want to watch our Gender Reveal video, you can check it out below:

I was a little excited with the outcome, in case you can't tell.