Mar 13, 2017

A Beach Lover: DIY "Will You Accept This Rose" Tank Top for $15

Tonight is the Season finale of the Bachelor! Woop, Woop!  I have to say that I despised Nick on Kaitlyn and Andi's seasons and then I liked him on Bachelor in Paradise and NOW I am not a fan at all again....something about him, amiright?

I have to say this was probably one of my least favorite seasons this year...anyone else!?  I usually have a few favorites, but this year I just was not a fan of any of the girls (or the guy)...

Anyways, I will still watch the 3 hour finale tonight because I have no life and I'm addicted.  Over the weekend, I made this cute "Will you Accept this Rose Shirt?" and today I am going to share with you how you can make it for $15!

First your supplies...You will need:
  • A Tank top (I bought mine at Nordstrom Rack for $10)
  • Iron
  • Iron on Letters (I bought mine at Michael's Crafts in the T-Shirt section for $5)
After you have washed your tank top you are ready to start.  The letters won't stick that well if you don't wash and dry the shirt first.  I'm honestly not sure why, so just do it...OK?

-Cut the letters that you would like to use out of the sheet (leave the plastic part on the back).

-Strategically place the letters on the shirt as you would like them to appear.

-Next, heat up your iron on the Wool setting.

-Once heated, hold the iron on top of the letters for 60 seconds pressing firmly and not moving the iron back and forth.

-Once you have done this to all of the letters, make sure that you flip the shirt inside out and iron on top of where the letters are again, pressing firmly.

-Flip the shirt back to the other side and peel the paper off gently (hold down the letters if they start lifting up).

-Lastly, hold the iron on top of the letters one last time and press firmly.

Voila!  Now you can grab yourself a glass of Rose, throw on your new shirt and watch Nick make a fool of himself find his true love.

If you have questions, feel free to ask!! :)

Mar 7, 2017

A Beach Lover: Beach Loveknots is Open for Business!

Today, I am so excited to share that my Etsy store is finally open for business!!

Very random, but I often get reiki done by a local massage therapist and right before each session she always pulls my tarot cards. Not even kidding guys, but EVERY single time I visit her office, I pull some sort of card that has to do with being creative and starting my own business.  This lady has been harassing me for years to just do what the card says and follow my dreams.  

I've been having a really shitty year and a couple weeks ago I went to her shop and the card was once again just starring me in the face and I knew that it was now or never.

So here I am in front of you just asking you to love, just kidding...enough about me...

My Etsy store is called Beach Loveknots and I got the idea to start this shop when I had multiple friends and family members ask me where I got the table number centerpieces at my Wedding.  My shop currently entails handmade monkey fist knots by me!  Monkey fist knots have become quite popular at nautical-themed weddings and are mainly used to hold table numbers.  The knots also look adorable used as home decor in a decorative bowl or even on a tray table.

Here are some pictures of my knots:

I have worked really hard and can't wait to add other items to my shop, such as nautical napkin rings (remember that time I made 180 for my wedding, yeaa I try and forget too) and nautical boutonnieres.

If you are looking for a custom order, feel free to message me via Etsy or email me at

Thanks for taking a look at my store and telling your friends!!