Remember that wicked awkward time at the gym...?

Happy Thursday Everyone! Last night, I had a little awkward encounter at the gym, so I decided to share and see what you guys thought...
I have been going to the same gym for almost three years now.  I don't go that often, but have probably gone 1-3 times a week in the past three years.  
Since I am such a loyal member, one Sunday after my morning workout, the Manager of the gym stopped me and offered me an unlimited guest pass to bring whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted, with no restrictions.  I thought to myself how neat that was that I have that privilege, and recently started putting my "unlimited guest pass to use".
I told my best friend about my "unlimited" guest pass and so she has been joining me lately at the gym.  Since I told her about my guest pass, she has probably come with me like a total of 7 times? 
So... last night, we stop at the gate and have the girl that works the desk every night check my friend in.  As my friend is filling out the form, the girl at the desk looks at me and says:

Girl-"Hey, I meant to ask did you get that unlimited guest pass?  My boss got mad at me last night because the pass is only for members that pay $20.00 or more a month, and he seemed to think that I was giving them out to everyone".

Me- "The Manager gave it to me, I'm not sure of his name though, he sits over there (and I pointed to his desk).  

Girl- "Yah she said, that's my boss...I knew I didn't give you that pass"

Me- "Well I pay $19.00 a you guys like want the pass back?"

Girl- "Umm...I'm not sure, let me see what he wants to do about it?"

Me- "Okkkk...."

Really?  My friend and I walk away from the desk and I am literally so annoyed that I don't even want to be at the gym anymore...WTF?  How Awkward and rude is that??  Even if it was a mistake, because I am paying a Dollar less than everyone, you should NOT ask who gave me the pass?
...So, what do you guys think, am I abusing the privilege with bringing my friend multiple times for free?  Do you think that was their nice way of saying "your friend needs to get a membership".  The pass lists no restrictions on it and she probably comes with me like twice a week....IF THAT!

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