Happy Friday and Happy Superbowl Weekend Everyone!!
Let's Go Patriots!! 

 Unfortunately, my work decided to roll out a new system on the Monday following SuperBowl Sunday...and guess what?? We all have to go to work on Superbowl Sunday!! Is that not the most awful thing that you have ever heard?? I am hoping to be out by the latest!!
I'm not even really excited for the weekend because of this whole situation...Waaahh!! I hate being a grown up!
Not really sure what our plans are yet, but I know where ever I end up, I will be making these cute little brownies! I came across the below picture the other day on Pinterest....don't get me wrong, it's really neat and amazing, but let's be honest... this is kind of gross!

What are YOU doing for the Superbowl??

Have a nice weekend!

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