Can someone please tell me....

Can someone please tell me why my commute looks like this every morning:

...but the MBTA is in millions of dollars of debt and talking about increasing fares by 23%.

Millions of Boston commuters take the "T" everyday, so I just don't understand where that money actually goes...

on the other hand

Thank God we have these two lovely gems looking out for us...

Seriously Boston? These two are hitting the streets of Boston in hopes to create a solution so that the fare increases don't happen.  OK, Thanks, but no Thanks guys....Stop trying to be Quailman, put your underwear back on the inside of your pants and lets figure out a mature, adult solution to this matter.

# Confused

Moving on....

A few pictures from the Casino Cruise last night

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Casino cruise?? I'm jealous!! I hope you don't run into Quail Man today - what's up with that? Boston is so whacked.