Happy Friday!

Hi People...Happy Friday...We made it!  
So here's the deal...I am super hungover today and legit hating life! We had a going away party last night for a good friend of mine at work, so we all found it necessary to shut the bar down in her honor.
I haven't been hungover at work in a LONNNGG time, because it pretty much is the worst feeling EVER! The only thing worse than being hungover at work is....NOTHING!
Hoping that my Chocolate Chip Bagel and Red Gatorade will do the trick!
If it can work for the Situation's hangover, it's can work for me too?

So in honor of St. Patty's Day, I decided to share some picture's of my good old Irish Step Dancing day's!!

...Get Excited....

So here I am with my FIRST trophy EVER! 

 This Feis was in 1992, so I was around 6 years old in this picture.
I was only competing as a Beginner at this point and wasn't even worthy of wearing a real Irish Step dancing dress yet!

Here I am in 1993 (1 year later) finally earned a REAL Irish Step Dancing costume!

This picture was taken in 1995 at a Feis in Cape Cod.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I was competing in Championships at age 8!! 

Once you reach a certain level of dance called "Prize Winner's" you are able to design your own dress!
As Abby Lee Miller would say- "Second Place is the First Loser!"

Above are some pictures from a HUGE Oireachtas that took place in CT

I won 8th place out of 100 competitors! Not Bad!

8th in the Nation people!

Ok...Here I am in 1997...first place!

Sorry it's so blurry and dark (I took the picture with my phone, but I SWEAR it's me on first!)
Here I am again at the same competition, but received 3rd place in a separate dance that I did (out of 12 (only half are awarded) I guess 3rd's not that bad?

Here I am with my extra LARGE trophy in 1997 (this was a big winning streak year for me)!  This trophy was by far one of my favorite's because it was so big!

 (Don't mind the black velvet Limited Too overalls with my dark green turtle neck....EWwwwA!)

I even found an old number of mine from 2000!

I'm hoping that I wore a wig during my dance in the below picture (yes, we wore wigs sometimes!), because my curls look AWFUL!

We also performed at hundreds of places and even performed with the Boston Pops!

Us with Keith Lockhart (the lead conductor of the Boston Pops)

I hope you enjoyed!

Have a Safe & Fabulous St. Patty's Day Everyone!


  1. i don't know how your at work hungover..i cant stand being hangover anywhere but home haha! if your bagel doesn't work try something EXTRA greasy!!! adorable shots of you when you were young!! Happy Friday!

    xx Kelly


  2. WOW, this is amazing. I ALWAYS wanted to learn how to river dance, so fun you were so talented.