Happy Hunger Games Weekend!

Hi Everyone...did yah miss me??
So, I had an interal interview this morning with my company and I think that it went really well, so keep your fingers crossed that I get this promotion!

My toe's are even crossed, because I really want this position more than a fat kid wants chocolate cake....

In other news....

The other day I bought this "Easy Feet" thingy that you've probably all seen on TV!
haha...i'm not even sure why I bought it, but all I know is that I hate bending down to wash my feet in the shower! Does that make me SUPER lazy? ....don't answer that!
S told me they should call it "Lazy Foot" haha
Anywho...I love it, but can't help but think of what a lazy loser I am everytime I use it!
Oh well! At least my feet are SUPER clean!

I feel like this is something I will use for a month and then forget about, but we will see!


I am going to see the HUNGER GAMES at 10:00pm with my girlfrandsss and mommy!!

I made them all fun little surprises for the movie too! (pics to follow...)

I cannot wait! I wish that we went to see it at midnight last night, but then I probably wouldn't have nailed my interview today!?!....

Have a fabulous Weekend everyone!

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