Hi Everyone, Happy Monday!...

So, apparently I was sleeping this morning, because I am wearing world's oldest bra at work today that is about to rip right down the middle...haha! Keep your fingers crossed that "the girls" stay in this bra until I get off the T tonight at 5pm!

...the only thing motivating me this week is that the weather in Boston is going to be 60 degree's all week! Yayy!!

So this weekend. I went to Portland, Maine to celebrate my best friend from college's birthday!  It was such a good time!  Portland is so cute!  We ended up staying at the Residence Inn and had a cute little suite with a kitchen, table and sofa!

Yes, that is my friend Courtney with her Christmas present from me!! Clearly our meet up was LONG overdue!

We found this bottle of "J" Champagne at the NH liquor store on the way down! Perfect present for the Birthday girl!
(Court, Me, Birthday Girl Jamie, Rachel & Jess)
Sunday I had to wake up at 7:00 am (technically 6:00 am) in order to get to my friend Lex's baby shower in Massachusetts. was not a pretty morning, but I pulled through and got to the baby shower at 11:00 am on the dot!  Perfect timing.

The baby shower was great and I got to nurse my hangover by stuffing my face with amazing brunch food!  Lex got some really nice gifts!  The baby is due on April 15 (one day after my birthday), so I'm hoping that he is born on April 14...the greatest day of the year! = )

How was your Weekend?

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