How was everyone's weekend?  

Mine was super relaxing and consisted of:
 The Hunger Games, Reiki, Shopping,
Crafting & Cleaning!

Friday the girls & I went to see The Hunger Games and it was just as amazing as I thought it would be!

They cut out a few parts that were in the book, but it was still awesome!
  If you have not read the book, I think that the movie might be a little confusing, since they don't go into extreme details.
Here are a few pictures of the surprises that I made for the girls:

Hunger Games Survival Kit's

Inside I put snacks for the movies that consisted of all things Katniss could have used throughout the Game.

To name a few:

1. A Bottle of Water
2. Pop Rocks
3. Atomic Fireballs
4. Lifesavers
5. Breath mints
6. Smarties
7. Chapstick
8. Chocolate Coins
9. Sunflower Seeds
10. Random Candy

...I'm such a dork! hehe...the girls were super excited though, they loved them!

Saturday morning I woke up and went to my Reiki appointment with S.  It was AMAZING! We finished a little early, so Michelle "read my cards" and told me that I need to "simplify my life" a little more....
apparently I didn't listen, because when I left my appointment, I immediately went to Target and bought $100.00 worth of crap...Oops...I couldn't resist!

Once I got home I cleaned my entire house, watched TV and decided to craft it up a little bit!

Here's a few wreath's I made this weekend:

I'm not particularly proud of the way this wreath came out...I think that the yellow lily's look a bit too fake and the tiny easter eggs are a little tacky!
Oh well...I needed something on my front door for the time being, because it was looking really sad...
I looked at the Christmas Tree Shop & Michael's for a cute wreath, but I just couldn't find anything that I was in love with!

Here is another wreath that I made this weekend:

I wish that I could take the credit for this Starfish wreath idea, but I got this idea from the cover of Coastal Living Magazine.

She has some Super cute idea's!

How was your weekend?


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  1. Those Hunger Game Survival Kits are to die for! I will definitely have to do those for the next movie. I loved it, hope you did too!!!