Rabbit Rabbit!

Happy March 1st! Did everyone remember to say Rabbit Rabbit this morning?  ...Next question...does anyone remember Rabbit Rabbit from Nickelodeon in the early 90's?  If you don't remember.. Nickelodeon had this little character stick called "stick stickly" that told everyone to say Rabbit Rabbit on the first of every month.  If you woke up on the first of the month and the first words out of your mouth were NOT Rabbit Rabbit, then you would have bad luck for that entire month.
It's pretty embarrassing that I've been saying Rabbit Rabbit on the first of every month (or at least trying to) since the 90's, all because an annoying little Popsicle stick with a corn nose told me to do it!

God he was so annoying...I tried to do some research on the voice of stick stickly himself, but couldn't find much information.  The guys name was Paul Christie (imagine your dad was stick stickly...haha).
Anyways, I will be having good luck for the entire month, because I remembered to say Rabbit Rabbit this morning! Right??? 


So, this morning I jump out of the shower and am getting ready when all of a sudden, I reach for my favorite Na Hoku necklace (yes, I was going to wear a flip flop necklace on this snowy afternoon..Judge Me!) and it fell into our heating vent on the floor! ...I could see the sparkly little necklace, but could not reach it.  
I am hoping that when S get's home tonight that he can open the vent..finger's crossed! Needless to say, I am necklace-less today.
Lesson learned...if you live in an older house with open vents on the floor, don't leave anything valuable hanging over the vent...
like this:

In other news...

Did you guys hear that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from Jersey Shore is preggers? Yikes! That baby is certainly going to come out and say to his mother- "We got Meatball Problems!"

 ...just kidding, maybe she will grow up and it will be a "blessing in disguise".  Is it Jionni's? Does anyone know if this is even true yet?

Have a nice Thursday Everyone!

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  1. OMG! i remember stick stickly!! that is too funny. and snooki preggo..? i'll be praying for that baby