True or False?

True or False?  I am hungover at work today?  
True False
Unfortunately, this is true... 
I never go out during the week, because as I mentioned HERE, being at work hungover is the worst thing on earth! When will I learn?

My friend I went out with last night- This was our convo this morning
True or False?   I Face Timed everyone and their mom's last night and no one answered.  
True False
Embarrassing! Face Time brings drunk dialing to a whole new level.
True or False?  I ate Birthday Cake Oreo's for Breakfast?  
True False
Ok...I woke up a little hungover and just couldn't resist! They were calling my name!

True or False?  On my walk to the "T", I stopped at Panera and ordered a chocolate chip bagel with honey walnut cream cheese...  
True False
Guilty! At least all of this chocolate is sure to wake me up this morning! HA I'm so disgusting!

True or False?  I am wearing open toed shoes?  
True False
True! It's only 40 degrees in Boston today too! Oh well! 

True or False?  I will win the Mega Millions jackpot tonight!  
True False
Wish me Luck! 

True or False?  I am jumping into bed as soon as I get home tonight!  
True False
True or False?  I turned down a job offer this morning, because the offer was too low!  
True False

True or False?  You want me to stop saying True or False right now? 
True False

 You LOVE this game don't you?

Happy Friday Babes!


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  1. awesome! I laughed very hard! We also live in Boston :D!!