Good Morning Lovie's!

Today I am linking up with Jamie again for WILW...Here's what I'm Loving this week:

I'm Loving that I set my alarm for for 6:00 am and managed to hit snooze for an hour! Opps....

I'm Loving the new app Draw Something! Check it out!

I'm Loving that I received  a dollar bill the other day with a "Where's George" tracker on it and actually took the time to log in and find out where the bill had been (Because I don't have piles of work to do on my desk....).

I'm Loving that I finally paid off all of my medical/dental bills (sometimes I feel as though health insurance isn't even worth it..).

I'm Loving that the GM of my work walked by my desk this morning and greeted me by saying "Hi Ho!" haha I don't think he realized till after what he had actually said...too funny!

I'm Loving Suze Orman and her book Young, Fabulous & Broke- She give's some great financial advice and lays out the truth that you don't want to hear, but desperately need to hear.

I'm Loving when people take up 2 seats on the train in the morning...NOT...so rude! 
...just saying...

I'm Loving that clients of ours brought us these "Muffins" from the Gingerbread Construction Co....if you live in MA, you should check them out, because they are AMAZEBALLS!

I'm Loving that St. Patrick's Day is this weekend! Yahoo....I'm Irish and will be drinking my face off ..classy...(Did you know my mom is legally an Irish Citizen? and that I did Irish Step Dancing for 12 years?

I'm short...
I'm Loving that my Birthday is exactly 1 month from today!

 What are you LOVING TODAY?


  1. hey miss! i just found your blog and i love it!and i love your WILW! i always have a blast writing those

    happy to be your newest follower!
    say hi sometime ♥!

    1. Thanks girl! Just read your amazing weight-loss story! Congratulations! You look amazing!

  2. Found ya on WILW! Love the muffins and the 2 seat train hoggers made me laugh!

  3. Well have fun during St Pattys day! Happy Wednesday !

  4. Those muffins really do look tasty!!

  5. Yum! Those muffins look amazing! :)

    Dropping by from WILW!