Hi People...Happy Hump Day!
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Here's what I'm Loving this week...
I'm Loving the fact that I did not hit the snooze button this morning and was not at all tired...Go Me!

I'm Loving that I made a fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast this morning in a Ziploc bag because I couldn't find any tupperware....Opps! Honestly, How am I going to eat this?

I'm Loving the fact that the only show that I am watching religiously right now is Dance Moms...
I can definitely relate my Irish Step Dancing days to this show ( Yes, my teacher was just as crazy as Abby Lee and was 100% Irish...even worse!)  Any who...can't wait for Dance Moms Miami  premiere next week (Judge away)!

I'm Loving that its only 40 degrees in Boston today...and I am going on a Casino Cruise tonight for work...Bbbrrr!

I'm Loving that S got me tickets to Red Sox Opening Day AND it is also Fenway Park's 100th Anniversary! Ahhh! Can't Wait!

I'm Loving that last night I made a Red Sox Polyvore and Pinned it to Pinterest and it has already been re-pined 14 times! (haha ok so 14 is not a lot, but I get excited about things like this! Does that make me a nerd??)

I'm Loving these J Crew Anchor Shorts! One of the girls posted these yesterday (I forget who), but I need them!

I'm Loving that I was "offered" the Job that I was talking about the other day, HERE
, but the person I interviewed with and I have been playing phone tag for the past 2 days...so he hasn't physically made the offer yet! This looks really bad on my part! Argghh....
Suggestions are Welcome.

I'm Loving the advice that my Aunt gave me the other day about my career...
Here is what she said:

What are you loving this week??



  1. Shut the front door!! This is too funny:) I miss college too! I love blogging:) I usually do a different link up every Wednesday and switched it up this week - so glad you found me!! I started the blogging thing back in October - its so much more fun than Facebook isn't it:) Love your blog - I'm your newest follower!;)

  2. Oh yea...and I can clearly relate to the Irish Step Dancing/ Abby Lee comparison:) I'm obsessed with Dance Moms - can't wait for Dance Moms Miami!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my WILW post! I'm glad you like my blog. :) Your parfait story made me laugh haha; at least you were being resourceful! :)

    P.S. - I wish I were in that hammock I posted, too. Sigh....

  4. that's a great list of things you're loving today!! good luck with the job offer :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. you didn't hit snooze even once?!?! WOW!!! i hit that button wayy to much! im lovin that i get off work early today for a app!

    xx Kelly


  6. That's a pretty big step not to hit the snooze button once! I know I hit mine at least twice everyday! I think that will be great fun to go see the Red Sox on opening day:) Your pin board is great!!! Thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving such a nice comment! Mindy @ The Blooming Daisy

  7. LOL at the ziplock bag! I do stuff like that all the time! I really need to get it together...because I on the other hand hit the snooze for quite awhile this morning ;o)