Dentist Drama

So I'm at the Dentist last night and I was thinking of how weird and awkward the whole situation is...
Here are some things I would LOVE to say to the dentist if I had the Ballsss....
For those of you who get regular checkups, you will completely understand!

1. Why the f*ck is the AC always on high no matter what time of year it is? 
"Are you trying to freeze us out of here?" Because I will gladly leave...

2. Why do I bother making an appointment when you're an hour behind EVERY time...?

3. Last time I heard this song...I fell off my pet dinosaur...

4. "Oh yes please, I'd Love to have my X-rays done AGAIN today"... I love having to "bite down"on hard, sharp objects while you take a shitty picture of the inside of my mouth.

5 Can you take this 300 pound x-ray apron off of me now please?

6. Thanks for stabbing me with your poker...and for wiping it on this napkin I'm wearing...

7. That spit sucker is F*cking useless!

8. Please stop asking me how my life is going, when you have your fingers in my mouth...I clearly can't answer!

9. Thanks for giving me the shittiest complimentary toothbrush on planet earth..

10. "Yes!  I'd love to make an appointment for 6 months from now!" Even though I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow yet...October 23 of 2012 will work perfectly....

As you can see, I Hate going to the dentist, but drag my butt there EVERY 6 months!

The only upside is that I have pearly white's today and NO CAVITIES!

Fun Fact: I never had a cavity until I got to College! Shocker right??

Who knew Pinterest had so many dental/teeth related pins?

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  1. ah! so many teeth! it's crazy & awesome!

    Have a happy Wednesday! {I have a giveaway going on now, & would love for you to enter!}

  2. Ah how funny are those cupcakes!! I just shared with my friend that is a dental hygienist.

  3. Autocorrect strikes again - or else grandma's house is rather raunchy.

  4. hahahah the house and the text message was hilarious! totally relate to EVERY single comment you made!! I seriously hate going to the dentist!