Fun Photo Fridays Link Up!

Hi People!
Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by...anyone else think so?

Today I am linking up with the lovely, Bride to be Shannon from Page 22 for Fun Photo Fridays!

Page: Twenty-Two

Since Shannon and I went to college together, I decided to "jump back" into an old college photo, so here it is:

There we are on Halloween -Circa (not telling!) pre-gaming before our big Halloween night out!

We were probably headed to some crowded house party or bar to dance & drink the night away!

All I remember about this night, is that I was trying to break that Beer Pitcher in my hand towards the end of the night, because it said "unbreakable" on it.  I think I even put it in the microwave at the Hockey Boys house...Opps! 
I also remember waking up the next morning-in my Halloween costume with Candy Corn all over my bed and inside my Halloween costume...OK Fat Ass!
Which Photo do you wish you could jump back into today?
Head over to Shannon's Blog and Link Up!

Moving on...I am a nerd turd and went to Lauren Conrads book signing last night!
She was super nice and of course even more gorgeous in person...DAMN her!
a few pictures:

Unfortunately, you were not allowed to take pictures with her or of her, once you got inside, so I had to sneak a few while waiting!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo:) Brings back some great memories!! Can't believe you met LC - I am so jealous!! Happy Easter!!

  2. Hi!! You have a cool blog! Just found you on Boston Bloggers!! Come by and let's follow each other :D!! ;) Stay in touch!

  3. Happy easter, too, sweetie! This is such a nice blog<3

    Wanna follow each other dear?

    Have a great day!

  4. AHH that porn star costume is too cute - but you look the CUTEST as a german beer girl! What a great idea!

  5. soooo jeally that you met lauren conrad! i haven't read her book, is it good? would you recommend it?