Happy Marathon Monday!

Hi People! Happy Marathon Monday! 
I think I'm one of the few people stuck at work today on this Amazingly B-E-Autiful day in Boston, but thats OK, because I had an AMAZING Weekend and would probably cry if I had to drink with all the Bostonian's again today!

Since PhotoBucket is testing my patience this morning...here are a few pics from my weekend!

A few of my College girls and I out in Southie Thursday night!
One of my best friends from college came home to visit from FLA, so we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than blacking out with each other...is that weird?

Friday Afternoon, S & I headed into Fenway Park for Red Sox Opening Day!

S has yucky Hat Head....and I have Fat Face!
Saturday, I woke on my Birthday to an iced coffee and a candle in my favorite doughnut EVER- Boston Creme! S definitely knows the way to my heart! <3

Fun Fact of the day: My Birthday Cake EVERY year is Boston Creme Pie! Even when I was little!

Saturday afternoon, a few of my best friends & I went to Beer Summit to celebrate my Birthday!
We got to try a bunch of really unique beers!

Sunday I woke up and went to brunch with the fam and did about SIX! Yes, SIX loads of laundry! 

Trust me, I don't want to look at Beer or Food for a while either....

I've been struggling with my career path lately, so here is some inspiration for anyone on the same page as me!

Source: piccsy.com via Gena on Pinterest

Source: google.com.au via Jodie on Pinterest


  1. Happy belated birthday, girl!!! I'm stuck at work today too:( I wanna be outside in this 90 degree weather!! Looks like you had fun this weekend with the girls!

  2. Happy Birthday! I too worked yesterday but today I will be out on my deck all day.

  3. Happy belated! Looks like it was a good time! I took Marathon Monday off to hit up Fenway (the bars around it, at least), but opening day would have been so much fun to go to!