Why is drinking Gatorade the national sign for being Hungover?
I drink Gatorade all the time, even when I'm not hungover!
Whenever I bring Gatorade to work, like today.
Everyone's all like"

"Oh...rough night last night?"
"How was the bar last night...?"

and I just want to be like:

"Actually, I didn't go out last night- douche and congratulations you're the 20th person to say that to me today..."

  I'm a straight up hater today!

Maybe I can get through the remainder of the day without speaking to anyone?



  1. I am the same exact way! Even my boss was like uhh Erin it's a Tuesday morning, did you have a rough Monday night? And I was like uhhhhh no I just like the tast of purple Gatorade alrighty. P.S. Thanks for the follow! Following you right back :)

  2. hahaha you're hilarious! i can relate... i hate those days when you're just not looking your best, and everyone you run into feels the need to ask you if you're sick or hungover. ummm no, but thanks for letting me know i look like shit!

  3. Weird...I mean, it makes sense, but I've never associated Gatorade with a hangover. They're probably just jealous, thinking you have all sorts of crazy fun that they're missing out on :)

    1. haha you're probably right! I keep them young!
      Love your blog!

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