WILW & Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays!

Hi Everyone, today I'm linking up with Jamie again for WILW!

Here's what I'm Loving this week...

I'm Loving that when I got to work this morning I had toothpaste all over my shirt...and my sleeve....

I'm Loving that today is Administrative Professionals Day!

I'm Loving that when my bosses' gave me my "Assistant Appreciation" card this morning, they had grabbed the wrong size envelope, so the card wouldn't fit inside....

Hey, it's the though that counts...right??

 I'm Loving that S offered to pick up my prescriptions at CVS last night...including my b control...
What a Guy!

I'm Loving that the Bruins are playing tonight...they better will win!

I'm Loving J Crew lately...this could get expensive...

I'm Loving the new monogram wallpaper I made with the app "Wall About You"...

I'm Loving Jack Rogers Sandals...

I'm Loving that I'm so excited for my sisters wedding shower in September, that I already picked the venue... and put down a deposit...

I'm Loving that I'm on a health kick this week! 
Now, I'm linking up with Michelle for:

What are you Loving & Pinning this week??

PS: Does anyone know why my pins won't center in the middle?
Thanks for your help!


  1. Oh no! Toothpaste all over your shirt? Not so fun.

    I really do like those sandals.

  2. I'm loving those sandals! There's so many different and fun colors to choose from:)

  3. i love those sandals and the nikes!!
    for your pics, can you click on the picture so the options @ the bottom come up and select center?

  4. oh my gosh! the nike running shoes are to die for! love the blog! xo