Happy Friday People!

Can I just tell you that my bestie and I went to the mall last night and all I got was a new curling iron 
...and this:

I must have been feeling ill, because usually I buy everything in sight!

moving on....

I may or may not have just treated myself on this lovely Friday...Opps! Free Shipping! Yahoo


Anyways, ShannFlann left me hanging today with her link up and I was already prepared with my "Fun Photo Friday" post, so I am sharing anyways! 
Shann shared some great makeup tips today, so I guess we can forgive her

Moving on...

If I could jump back into any photo right now, I would jump back into this one:

This picture was taken on Cape Cod in 2009.

S&I had planned a weekend get-away with friends of ours and we had the best time EVER!

Of course, someone had the bright idea...after 10 beers each to ride this banana boat...I'm surprised the operators even let us on.
We were all talking about how "lame" the ride was going to be and acting like "tough guys", but once the ride got going, we could barely hang on and kept falling off....Thank God for our life jackets..I was laughing so hard the entire time that I thought I was going to drown...

Needless to say, we all certainly sobered up after this ride of death!

a few more pics of the trip...enjoy!

What a full day of drinking will do to you kids...

Happy Friday Babes!


  1. Haha love the Friday pics. And I'm going to Cape Cod for the first time ever this Memorial Day! Thanks for making me excited and my liver scared.

    1. Memorial Day Weekend! You will have so much fun! Can't wait to see pics!

  2. Hahaha sorry to leave you hanging:) Those banana boats terrify me! I always see people flying off of them when I'm on vacation!! LOL love the pics - Happy Friday!