Terrible Tuesday...

...If only...

How was everyone's Weekend?? Mine was AMAZING!
Except, I forgot to take pictures...isn't that so sad??

I was curious to see if I had taken any pictures on my phone in a druken stouper stooper? and the only picture I found last night was of this little gem:

like really!? 
My bestie and I on our way to the bar (we clearly should be in bed)...yes, she is wearing one of our guy friends scally caps and yes, I am wearing a Vicky's sweatshirt....EW! I can't believe the girls let me go out wearing that...I also can't believe they let us in the bar...

On Saturday, my Best Friends and I spent all day on the beach
...Don't mind the beehive on top of my head...

Yes, my Best Friend and I showed up wearing the same bathing suit from Target...
We didn't even know each other had it!
Too Funny!

Well, until I can steal more of my friends pictures from this weekend, this is all you are getting!

Source: someecards.com via mj on Pinterest


  1. Great Post! I bet you and your Best Friend laughed your asses off when you saw eachother.. I know We would have!Looks like you guys had a great time!

  2. Haha I love both of these towel pictures, too funny. And that is a cute suit, no wonder you both bought it!

  3. same thing happened to me a few years ago! i ran into one of my biffles at target & we both had the exact same bikini in our hands! haha must be a best friend thing!