First off, I would like to say Happy Birthday to the most AMAZING woman I know...
My Mother!!
Love youuu xoxo

 Now onto:

Here's what I'm Loving this week:

I'm Loving that my dad decorated my mom's coffee mug for her Birthday this morning (with post-its...)
He's so cute! haha

I'm Loving that S, My Grandfather and I are all surprising my mother at Dinner tonight!

I'm Loving that I was 30 minutes late to work today...I told you, I am suffering from SAD.

I'm Loving that I have good vibes lately...something good is going to happen! I can feel it people!

Source: Uploaded by user via JJ on Pinterest

I'm Loving this billboard that I saw driving through Boston yesterday 
(Yes, I almost died while taking a picture of this...)

....I love it!

I'm Loving that I volunteered to purchase EIGHT Red Sox tickets on my CC for the girls and I this Summer...I think I'm losing my mind!

I'm Loving that S told our landlord we wanted to renew the lease another year! Thank You..I hate moving!!

I'm Loving the new Webster Collection at Target

What are you Loving this week?

On a side note...does anyone know how to get rid of the ugly "transparent" border around my images?
I went to settings and tried to fix it, but it is just not working to my favor!


  1. I put 10 Yanks tickets on mine a couple weeks ago, yikes is right but it all worked out. And I don't see any borders around your pictures?

  2. I don't see any borders around them either! Does anyone by chance know how to get the blog banner to go all the way across the page? Mine stops in an awkward spot.

    Love your blog!