Hi People!  Linking up with Jamie again for WILW

Besides the fact that its a short week, here is what I'm Loving this week...

I'm Loving the fact that I get to see all of my girls again this weekend!

I'm Loving that I just got a coconut iced coffee at Starbucks...yumm

I'm Loving these vineyard vines anchor espadrilles...NEED!

I'm Loving my new Ray Ban Aviators

I'm Loving that I have a Wedding Shower Saturday Afternoon and a Wedding Saturday night...

I'm Loving that S tried to get out of going to the Wedding Ceremony on Saturday and just attend the Reception after...he said "no one will even notice"...nice try buddy!haha

I'm Loving the dress I got for the Wedding Saturday! I NEVER wear purple, but I was pumped with this last minute find from "The Limited"...who woulda thought.. I never go in there anymore!

Does anyone have any jewelry recommendations for me!?

Enjoy your day!


  1. LOVE the dress - adorable! I'd just go with earrings and a bracelet and stay away from a necklace. It looks like the straps are silver so you could find some in that color!

  2. That is a cute dress! Sounds like it'll be a fun Weekend.

  3. Ha, damn those boys, they're always trying to get out of attending wedding ceremonies. My husband actually asked if he could skip my cousin's next month, I had to inform him that wasnt an option since he's a groomsmen haha.

    Love that dress!

  4. That Starbucks IV bag is hilarious!

  5. I'm heading to a wedding on Saturday too! Yay for pretty dresses and an unlimited bar. Yahoo