Beachy Keen....

So, Last night I had a great night planned for myself. I planned on going to Target ALONE because S had plans and I wanted to buy a bunch of crap that I don't need and browse the aisles.
WELL...S's plans ended up changing, and he decided to come with me at the last minute.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Steve's company, but I also LOVE shopping alone!

To make a long story short, S ended up following me around like a lost puppy and texted me TWICE while I was in the dressing room... I ended up having to buy him freeze pops and a new bathing suit too....
What the Hell!? My relaxing night alone turned into buying my boyfriend a "prize" for coming with me to the store, when he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place....

Am I dating a 5 year old, or do your boyfriends/husbands follow you around like a lost puppy while shopping too?

Love you bub! = )

So here's the new bathing suit, I got:

On a side note, I don't know how you girls swallowed your pride and bought shorts from Target...I was up to a size 9 (normally a 4) and they still didn't fit! I had to walk away without them...
Do their shorts run small, or have I just not weighed myself in a while...!?


It's no secret that I love the beach...
I spend my weekends in the summertime wasting away on the beach, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

I obviously couldn't pass up this weeks "Friday's Fanices" theme of Beachy Chic.

So, let's Link up with Long Distance Loving for:



  1. You are hilarious! My husband does the same thing. Lord knows I love for him to run errrands with me but not to Target! Love your beach essentials...all very important! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hahaha that's hilarious. Little babe must get present for going to store.

    Love the fancies this week as well!

  3. I'm the same way! I much prefer shopping alone so I can browse and not feel rushed.

    Oh and I hear ya on their pants/shorts running super small. I'm usually a 4 or a 6 and I recently bought skinnies there in a size 11! I kid you not! Yipes!

  4. Haha I hate shopping with other people because I like to do my own thing and get what I need without being bothered.

    What I love is that swim suit you featured! Cute :)