Honest Opinions & Suggestions Welcome!

How was your weekend!?
Mine was nice and relaxing! I suck at taking pictures lately...I need to step it up!
I took a few pictures, but they are pretty much of nothing...Sorry!

Went to the beach...DUH

Attempted to make centerpieces for my Sisters Wedding Shower...

OK, be HONEST.....are these SUPER tacky?

(The Budweiser can is just to give you an idea of size)

I feel like they might be kind of tacky, but I am trying not to spend a ton of $$ on centerpieces, since I don't have a ton of money anyways!

My sister lives in Key West, Florida, where the Wedding will take place, so all of the guests will technically all be visiting Margaritaville, so we need to get them prepared....right!?

Let me know your honest opinions please...I'm also open to suggestions and ideas!

Thanks Ladies!


  1. I think its cute! Maybe a different color flower at the bottom?! I think that's such a great idea though! I was scrolling through and my boyfriend goes "That's badass!!" Hahaha so you got his approval! ;]

  2. That's super awesome! I agree with Monica maybe you get go for a real flower if you only have one at each table it would still be cheaper. And maybeee you could spice up that marg color a bit and get it a little more green! But totally cute either way.

  3. Super cute - agree with the other suggestions with the flower and brighter rita color. Love that idea though!!

  4. I really like it. It's fun and something that I haven't seen before as a centerpiece.

  5. I think it's really cute. I'm all for thinking of things to make vs spending way too much money on party items.