It's OK Thursdays....

Hi Ya'll...Linking up with Amber for:

Its Ok Thursdays use a Southern Accent when you are NOT Southern?

...that I hit snooze on my alarm for an hour this morning...

...that I went to the gym last night and then went to KFC...
who even goes to KFC anymore!? ...Haven't been there since High School....
it was actually pretty good though...haha

...that I got paid last night, paid my bills and am now poor again...

...that I made S watch "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" last night...
let's just say that this 18 year old couple got married in a courthouse and the bridesmaid got into a fist fight outside... want an entire new work wardrobe...
I'm considering signing up for "What Not to Wear", just so they buy me a new wardrobe?! desperately need a vacation... cringe every time someone new gets engaged on facebook...
I'm sorry, but half of them are going to be divorced by age 30...
Some couples I'm "friends" with on facebook have only been dating for like a month before they get's a little ridiculous and I feel like everyone needs to calm down...
Don't get me wrong...I'm all for LOVE and I absolutely am happy for those couples that took the time to get to know one another and did not rush things.
Marriage is taken wayyyy to lightly these days.
If I got engaged to any of my EX's after a month...I'm pretty sure this world would not be a pretty place... get a little opinionated every now and then ^ ...sorry!

......that I tried a new Stilla Bronzer this morning and have glitter all over my work....


  1. I've been on both extremes of the marriage thing... I dated a long time and it failed... I dated a short time and it failed... I have concluded that it's about finding the right PERSON not the right amount of time. LOL!

    I love that show my big fat gypsy wedding... I do feel sorry for some of the girls. I couldn't wear those dresses most of them do!

  2. Poppin' in from It's Ok Thursday. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more ;)

    I lol'd at your comment about who even goes to KFC anymore? I went there for the 1st time in for-ev-er a few months ago and it was delicious!

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  4. Stopping by from the link up! I totally watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding last night too! That fight was brutal. I'll I can say is here's your sign.

  5. OMG ALL of this is me! I catch myself wanting to say ya'll, I get entranced by My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, EWW to new engagements on Facebook, I just bought bronzer that did the same thing! I look like I'm back in fifth grade rubbing pots of glittered jelly grossness all over my face.

  6. Omg, this is hilarious & it's ALL most definitely OK! The one about getting paid & now being broke is going to hit home tomorrow. Bills suck.

  7. Please tell me your Stila bronzer experience has to do with the June Birchbox. Because if so I completely understand the shock and horror of glitter all over you face! I had to do some major blending to make it look ok.

    And, have no shame in working out then eating KFC. At least you worked out, right?!

    Love your blog - following through Google!

  8. Totally thought about signing myself up for What not to wear, and buying horrid clothes, just to get a makeover and new clothes! Plus I really want my hair done.