It's OK Thursdays

Linking up with Amber for It's OK Thursdays...

Its Ok Thursdays

...that I put the AC in my bedroom on full blast before I left this morning, in hopes that the whole house will be cool by the time I get home?

...that Steve and I went to Friendly's last night....pretty sure we were the only ones there with no kids...

...that the bra I am wearing today needed to be thrown away like yesterday...

...that my kindle has been dead for two weeks, because I am too lazy to charge it...

...that my legs are sore from running a mile...

What are you OK with this week?


  1. Love this!!


    Have a fabulous day! xo

  2. It's totally ok blast the A/C before you leave, I do it ALL the time. By the time I get home it's almost 108 inside :(

    Dude, I have bra's that are old as hell but I just can't toss. It's Ok though.