Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays!

First off,  I would like to say Happy Birthday to my "Bumps" all the way up in Heaven.
If he were alive today, he would have been 90 years old! ....I miss him so much, he used to tell the BEST stories and he made all of my 16 cousins think that they were his "favorite"

Here is a picture of my Bumps and I when I was around 2 years old.
We are at our family cottage in Poland Springs, ME that my Bumps built from the ground up.
I love this picture, because we are both hysterically laughing and I know that he is telling me some ridiculous story about how he grows lollipops in his back yard or something along those lines...
We Miss and Love you Bumps!!

I've been a little down in the dumps lately, so my Boy brought me home these beautiful roses last night!
Love you Foof!! = )

Moving on to Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday's with Michelle from the Vintage Apple

Here's what I'm pinning this week:

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What are you Pinning this week!?


  1. awww, that picture of you and bumps is too cute! looks like an awesome bumps indeed. (I like saying bumps).

  2. ohmygosh i love all of these :) great blog girl!

  3. Aw, that was SO sweet of him to do for you. Flowers always seem to cheer me up too.

    That candy father's day card totally had me cracking up. I wish I was that innovative :/

  4. i pinned that last quote today too! love it.

    i am seriously loving the rake necklace holder and the tree towel holder as well! you have great style aha.

    awesome pins. x