Birchbox Brag July

Hi Everyone!! Guess who is late to the Birchbox Brag linkup again!?

That's right...THIS GIRL!!

I wasn't in loveeee with my Birchbox this month...I'm not really a fan of purple eyeliner and old lady perfume (no offense to anyone that wears either...), but I decided to share with ya'll anyways...
so, here is what my July Birchbox consisted of:

The speckled sheets are made with linen fibers from the abaca tree plant, which is native to the Philippines. Infused with green tea, which is rich in natural antioxidants, the sheets instantly absorb oily shine (and you can see the trace evidence with your own eyes). 

LÄRABAR™ ϋber bars are made through a simple process of grinding and mixing top-notch ingredients like fruits, nuts, and spices. These bars aren’t baked or cooked. Plus, each treat is made with a maximum of nine (recognizable) ingredients.

The formula has light-diffusing minerals, which give skin a soft glow and also smooth over any fine lines. Antioxidants like ginseng and gingko biloba leaf extract help improve skin, and SPF 20 wards off UVA and UVB rays. 
The precision pen tip allows you to control the thickness of the line you create and vary the intensity of your look. Plus, the fade-proof formula will hold up all day and night.

This floral blend features light top notes of sweet hyacinth, bergamot, and ginger orchid, feminine middle notes of jasmine sambac, rose, and orange flower, and woody base notes of amber, musk, cedarwood, white woods, and sandalwood.
These are just like the earbuds that came with your standard music player, only way cuter. The contrasting neon shades play into this season’s neon trend.

Did you get a Birchbox this month??

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