The case of the twitching eye....

Incase you were eye won't stop twitching and it is driving me insane!!!I've never had this happen before and I slept for like 10 hours last night too, so don't even say that I am tired! was everyone's 4th? 
Mine was great, except we celebrate the third in my hometown...I think because we all like to party and be hungover and lazy on the 4th...we are genius' if you ask me!!
= )

I forgot to take pictures once again....but here's what I did capture:

Went to see the Baby...duhh....
 I'm Obsessed!

Made some Sweet Treats....

Picked up ice for S's Family cookout....
Gotta keep the beers cold! = )

Setting up...
Coolers- Check!
Lots O' Beers- Check!
Steve's Fireworks supply!!
 S & Co. Setting up the fireworks!

My Baby running the show! = )
Mom & Dad waiting for the show!
Sarah & the pretty moon!
Steve's fireworks:

Sad that I didn't take any pictures of the cookout...Oh well!

How was your 4th of July?

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  1. Holy cow, your 4th of July rocked. You guys sure go all out, look at all those fireworks. So cool. Our stupid county banned fireworks because too many fires happened. Guess that's what happens when you light shit on fire in the desert haha.