Friday Fanices....

Hi Ladies,
Did everyone get their FREE Tall "Refresher" drink at Starbucks today?!?
 If not, you only have 15 more HURRY UP!

I got the Lime one and I have to say, it was definitely refreshing, but it also tasted like celery?? was one of those addicting drinks that you hate, but keep drinking...
Apparently they have more caffeine in them than any other drink on their menu!
Crazy huh?!

When I'm having heart palpitations later, just call the ambulance for me!

I'm a little late on today's Friday Fanices....but I was MIA this morning and I can't tell you why yet, but I'm hoping that it involves something GREAT for please keep your fingers crossed for me ladies!

Oddly enough, I am attending a wedding tomorrow night, so this linkup was perfect timing for me!
I wish I could show you the dress that I bought at Express to wear, but unfortunately the dress is not on their web-site....weird.....
Anyways, I will post pictures next week!

So, here is a "Wedding Guest" polyvore that I created:

Everything is actually pretty affordable too!

Have a nice weekend!!


  1. LOVE that polyvore:) I have a few more weddings to attend this year - great ideas! Um I am obsessed with the new Starbucks refreshers. I had the red one and it was amazing - didn't know it had that much caffeine - even better!!

  2. I had no idea about the free drink at Starbucks today boooo..

    Love that polyvore, gorgeous dress! :)

  3. Love that blue dress! Gorgeous! I had one of the refreshers as well but the other one and have to say it was pretty good. I just don't care to much for the energy drinks because I get the palpitations as well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you & good news!!