Small Weekend Recap....

Happy Tuesday everyone!
I took a TON of pictures at the wedding this weekend, but have yet to upload them because who knows where my camera cord is...
I accidentally left my phone in the hotel room, so here are a few pictures of my weekend (sans wedding).

  Why do I have a comb-over?


On a side note....
does anyone have any ideas for favors for my sister's bridal shower?
I was thinking of doing something Key West themed, since the Wedding is a destination wedding...
I was going to do a small candy bar at the shower, so I kind of wanted to stay away from giving the guests more sweets...

Here are a few idea's that I came up with:

Luggage Tags?

What about guests that are coming to the Wedding Shower and NOT the Wedding though?

Personalized Sunscreen...?

...not original enough??

Need your assistance please!!

Thanks Chica's!



  1. I love the sunscreen idea! Everyone can use that even if they aren't going to the wedding.

  2. I have to agree with Andrea, the sunscreen idea is great. I like to carry some in my purse in case I have to spend a lot of time outdoors, it's convenient to have a travel size. Although, I really dig the luggage tag too. Maybe you can do both?