Weekend Update...

Unfortunately, this weekend was definitely NOT a beach weekend....it was however, a nice weekend to relax and take a trip into the city with a few friends!
So, we decided to head into the North End of Boston for one of the annual "Feasts".
Every Summer, the North End of Boston holds annual "Feasts" every weekend to honor saints that have passed away.
Incase you have never been to the North End of Boston, the entire area is filled with hundreds of delicious Italian Restaurants and Bakeries...what could be better!?
The "feasts" begin around noon time and end around midnight. They consist of parades, live music, games, food & beer stands, religious ceremonies, etc...it's sort of like a mini carnival! Good times!
Anyways...you can read more about "The Feasts" HERE!

My best friends boyfriend is a firefighter in the North End, so we stopped in to say "Hi!" and of course get a tour of the facilities!  While we were visiting he got a call and had to peace the F out to take care of some "serious business".
After the Feast, S and I went home and took naps around 4:00 PM and accidentally woke up at around
 10:00 PM!!...guess you could say that the rest of Saturday was a complete bust!

Sunday, I headed to my hometown to one of my good friends Bridal Showers.  Unfortunately, the Bridal shower was outside, under a tent and it was pretty much raining buckets all day...we made the best of it though and I think the Bride had a good time!

Anyways, I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking, while I linkup with Sami & Co. for:


 I was a little excited to be at the fire station.... if you couldn't tell...^
Their equipment weighs a ton!
Yes, we picked out the ugliest prize that we could find! haha
Did I mention that I am the squirt gun game champion??

How was your Weekend!?


  1. Looks like a great weekend even without the beach! I defintely need to get my butt to Boston!

    P.S. Come like up with me for Photo 411!

  2. Love all your pictures, looks like you had a fantastic weekend!