Half way there....

We are half way to the weekend people and I cannot wait to sit my buns on the beach all weekend...
I'm so over this overcast/rainy weather...It's making me depressed!

Anyways, I went to trivia with a few friends from college last night and let me just say that the questions were ridiculously hard and we didn't even come close to winning....womp womp
We had a great time though!
I learned a great Iphone trick last night, so I decided to share it with you guys, since I'm sure at least one of you will benefit from knowing this!
Here goes...

Yah know how your iphone will do that crazy flip screen thing and all of a sudden you will be looking at facebook or a friends text sideways....YEAH...wicked annoying right??
Well, last ngiht I was bitching about it and a friend showed me how to "lock" the screen so that it doesn't flip on you...AMAZE-BALLS!
If your interested in learning how to "lock" the flip screen you can read about it below...or keep scrolling down to see my amazing Pinterest finds! 
I no longer have a Love/Hate relationship with my iPhone thanks to this little trick...

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Since I finally have 50 Followers (yayyy....go me!!) haha
I'm going to be doing a giveaway next week!
So stay tuned!!
= )


  1. The lanters on the beach and the wave are purely magical!! Love love love!!

    And those bracelets are the most gorg thing on an arm!!

    Visiting from The Vintage Apple's link up!

    xoxo, Bev

  2. Love your blog awesome posts doll!