Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster Award, not once, but TWICE yesterday!
Special Thanks to Ruby from Girlfriends are Like Shoes
You girls are awesome!

Andrea's Questions
one: what was the most recent thing you bought online?

I recently purchased my bride-to-be sister a gorgeous hanger for her wedding dress
I wanted to get her new last name on it, but it wouldn't fit!
The Hanger looks great though!
Head over to Areasa's Etsy Shop to purchase a personalized hanger.
two: if you could meet one famous individual who would it be?
...not really sure

three: do you prefer snow/cold or beach for a vacation?
 Beach Obvi!

four: do you have a pet? what kind? what is their name? (sorry I know that is 3!)
No pets...I used to have a cat named Galaxy though...
I want a french bulldog, but Steve hatess little dogs...mehh
five: if you could change jobs to anything else, what would you be?
I am actually trying to switch my career to Human're never too old for a career switch... right!?
six: tap or sparkling water?
Sparkling...even though I'm used to Boston's Dirty water by now

seven: what was the first car that you owned?
Woof...A 2 door pontiac sunfire...the thing was a death trap, but it just wouldn't die!

eight: what is your favorite pizza topping or type of pizza?
I am a strictly cheese pizza kind of girl...
Steve always wants to order all kinds of meat toppings and says that cheese pizza is what you order for little kids at their birthday parties...
haha, I don't care though!

nine: what kind of camera do you take most of your pictures? (Nikon, iphone, etc)
Iphone all the way!

ten: what is your favorite reality TV show?
Dance Moms!

eleven: where is the farthest from home you have ever traveled?
Ruby's Questions 
1. What is your best blogging tip?
If someone cares enough to "follow you", you should always follow them back

2. Favorite way to spend your free time?
At the beach of course!

3. Favorite blog topic to read?
I am really nosy, so I like reading weekend recaps the best!

4. Favorite Social Media Platform?
Blogging! So over Facebook...

5. Favorite Color?
This summer, I've had a crush on Coral things

6. What is your most prized possession?
hmm...I don't own much these days, so it's hard to say...

7. Favorite physical attribute about yourself?
People say I have great hair, but I absolutely hate my hair...

8. Favorite character trait about yourself?
Sense of humor

9. Something you find funny?
E Cards always crack me up!

10. What are your blogging goals, if any?
 Just to keep having fun!

I am going to be a debbie downer and skip nominating people...
If anyone has a problem with it, they can call my lawyer....
...Joking people.... really, I nominated a few ladies a couple months ago HERE

Enjoy your Thursday!

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