Vermont Weekend

This Weekend flew by and I am so sore today because I went water skiing & tubing every chance I could get this weekend.
My family and I go up to my Uncle's lakehouse this weekend every summer and it is always one of my favorite weekends of the Summer!
My parents and I left work a few hours early this year, in hopes to beat the traffic!....well, we beat the traffic, but not until AFTER the traffic had disappeared.
Yes, that's right, my mom's car broke down 10 minutes into our ride, which caused us to sit in the car at Doughboy Donuts and Coffee for 90 minutes until AAA came.
Did I mention that it was POURING buckets outside?
AAA finally came 90 minutes later and replaced my mom's car battery and $125 later, we were off!

We reached the state of Vermont around 9:30pm and since we were all over tired and it was pitch black out, we missed our exit and ended up driving 30 minutes out of the way...WOOF!

I quickly entered the address into my iphone and made my dad back track by following the directions on my little phone...look at the little amount of battery I had left!

Once my phone got us on the right track again (Thank God it didn't die!)
We reached my Uncle's Lake house without any incidents at midnight on the dot!

I took a ton of pictures, but here are the little few pictures that I took on my phone:
We had a Blast!
ME Slalom Skiing:

Who is wearing a pig costume you ask!?
haha...well, that would be my Aunt Mandy!
My Aunt Mandy is awesome and surprises us with a different costume every year...
she waits until everyone has had a few too many cocktails and then goes and puts on a costume to get a rise out of is awesome!  Did I mention that she went to her High School Reunion last weekend wearing a long gray wig, while pushing a walker!?
Our ride home yesterday was UN-eventful...We left at about 2:00pm and made it home at around 6:00 pm...we hit absolutely NO Traffic! It was great!

 How was your Weekend!?

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time...once you got there! I LOVE that your aunt surprises you all with a costume every year - that is hilarious!!!