Back to School Smiles....

I miss going back to school...I LOVED High School and I LOVED College...I miss that butterfly feeling that your stomach used to get the night before you headed off to school!
Did your parents used to take pictures of you on the front steps in your back to school outfits!?
Mine did! Pretty sure I have one from every grade! 

Anyways, If I didn't have to wear suit jackets everyday and money grew on trees, here is a cute little fall getup that you might find me sporting:

back to school

back to school

Also, I'm looking for a new program to edit my photos in...does anyone have any suggestions??
I'm sick of photobucket....

Enjoy your weekend!!



  1. So cute! I use Photoshop Elements to edit my pics.

  2. Adorable! love those flats :) I use GIMP and iPhoto to edit pics, I love it. New follower!


  3. Oh that's such a cute outfit.