It's OK Thursdays...

Today, I am linking up with Amber for:
Its Ok Thursdays
I'm OK with a lot this here goes:

...that I'm like 90 years old and I have poison Ivy on my foot and have no idea where or when I may have gotten it...
 ...that I spilled an entire bottle of Bachelorette Bash nail polish on our hardwood floors last night and while I was having a panic attack/temper tantrum, S managed to clean up the entire bottle for me...

...that I still haven't booked my flight for my sisters destination wedding in November...'s also OK, that my bridesmaid dress is a size 6 and the size 8 barely fit me....
2 weeks ago....Crunch Time!

...that I refuse to stop wearing flip flops even though my feet were freezing yesterday...

...that everyone has been bragging about how awesome Elf makeup is and I tried the mascara and eye liner and hated them both...

...that you can find me doing NOTHING this weekend and ENJOYING every second of it...

...that you probably think my life is in shambles after reading this...

What are you OK with this week!?


  1. Strange...Posion Ivy! That sounds bad! Feel beeter soon feet!



  2. I tried 2 elf mascaras - one I loved the other I hated!

  3. I'm right there w/ you on wearing flip flops still! My feet were freezing yesterday, but I have to get more mileage out of the homemade pedi, right?

    Don't worry, your life isn't going to shambles. A destination wedding/vacation in November actually sounds pretty awesome!

  4. I would die if I ever got poison ivy. I go crazy even with bug bites. And I love the ELf eyeliner!

  5. I have an irrational fear of liquid eyeliner ever since I poked myself in the eye with it one time yeaaaars eye was red for an entire week! :(

    Sorry you have poison ivy, that sucks! I have heard that if you mix baking powder and vinegar and rub it on the impacted area, it will help the itching...this is JUST a homeopathic remedy, though so I don't know how well it works! :)

  6. Holy how, you're one brave woman for not having booked your flight yet. I tend to freak out about stuff like that so I would've probably booked it within weeks of finding out haha. I've tried a lot of elf's products & I havent really been let down yet but then again, these are the two products I have yet to try. I think I'll pass though.