Friday Fancies!

I'm super excited for this weekend Ladies!
Here's what it entails:

Getting my hair colored and a Keratin treatment done with Mom!
Halloween Shenanigan's
Seeing my favorite Baby
Shopping for Vacation
An Anniversary Party Surprise
and who knows what else!

Moving on...
Groop Dealz got the best of me last night, but I just couldn't resist the below purchases!
Aren't they super cute?!  My total with shipping was only

What a bargain!  Hope they make it here before I leave for vacation!

What isn't a bargain is my outfit for the100th Friday Fancy Post!!

A whopping $1,783.00 for the above outfit!
I figured it was go big or go home for the 100th Friday Fancies Party!

Too bad money doesn't grow on trees, huh??

Enjoy your weekend and if you're celebrating Halloweenie, I hope that you have a safe and fun night!


  1. I love the glass of champagne with the outfit. Drinks are definitely mt favorite accessory :)
    And your groop dealz finds are great! I have gotto put a ban on mt credit card stat

  2. That dress is absolutely to die for!! My outfit was insanely expensive, too. If you're going to dream, dream big!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. loveee that dress girl!! getting your hair done is the best...unless it turned out like my last one did!!

    Helene in Between
    100 Follower giveaway!

  4. I absolutely adore those necklaces and wanted to buy the bib necklace but I think it was one of those couple hour specials (if not, then I must have just missed the cut off!) I am so jealous though, so you need to make sure that you post pictures once they arrive! I have been obsessed with the bubble necklaces lately and want to branch out, so i'm excited to see if they run the bib necklace again on groop dealz! Following your blog :)