Friday Letters

Last night I threw a small surprise engagement party for my bestie.
She thought she was coming to pick me up for dinner and when she arrived I had all of the girls at the house!
We had a lot of laughs, wayyy to much food and a little too much wine.
Well worth it!

Today I am linking up with Ashley for Friday Letters, so here goes:


Dear Apartment, After last nights festivities, please clean up yourself.

Dear Halloween Costume, Please make yourself.

Dear Vacation, Please hurry the F up!

Dear Starbucks Card, What did I do with you!?

Dear NHL lockout, please end, so I can watch lucic's cute little but skate around.

Dear ISO Hair Straightener, Please get here sooner rather than later.

Dear Blogging Friends, Please order the ISO Hair Straightener through my link. This is an awesome deal through Living Social! A hair straightener that normally costs $300 can be yours for only $48!!
Plus they have lots of cute colors & designs to choose from!

 I was a little boring and ordered the white pearl color.  Have you ever seen a white hair straightener?
Me neither!

Enjoy your weekend babes!


  1. Awww what a great friend you are to throw an engagement party for your bestie!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. How fun that you threw your friend a surprise engagement party!!! And I hope you find your Starbucks card!!! Came over from the linkup and I'm
    Your newest follower!!!

  3. Aw, how fun! You're like the best friend cool. There's nothing worse than having a great night of partying at your place and then waking up the next morning to realize that the cleaning fairies didnt stop by while you slept :(

    Haha, someone gave me a Starbucks gc a while ago and I've been unable to find it since. It really sucks when you're broke & REALLY want an ice cold Frapp.