Happy Friday!

We made it....Thank God!
I can't wait to get home tonight, snuggle up with a glass of wine and do nothing all weekend!
Who's with me!?

Last night I made this delicious Flatbread Pizza Recipe that can be found HERE! courtesy of SkinnyTaste.com...My new obsession!
I was a little hesitant to make this recipe, because let's be real....lavash bread is so thin and I figuered that it would just turn into a soggy mess...but it was absolutely delicious!!!

Only 5 points on Weight Watchers and I was full!

Linking up with LDL for Friday Fancie's:

If I didn't hibernate in my yoga pants all fall/winter, you might possibly catch me in one of these cute outfits being all cozy!

See you on Monday!


  1. Both of these outfits are perfection!!! Love it!
    xo, E

  2. I saw where you recently followed my blog and I am always looking for new blogs to follow! I LOVE beige and gold for fall and all the blues! And I am LOVING the picture of Ace Ventura at the end haha. Solid post, child! Newest follower, btw!!

  3. Both looks are so cute! I especially love the boots! I have a black pair identical to the first ones!

  4. I'm also obsessed with SkinnyTaste! She has the best recipes. I also love your nod to beige. This is a great example of beige being anything but boring :)