Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!
I had the opportunity to go by my parents house this weekend and sort through some old Halloween pictures!
ALL of the costumes below were hand-made by my mom!
Isn't she the best!?

 Does anyone remember when McDonald's used to give Happy Meals in those buckets!?

I remember my mom was so mad that I chose to be Barbie for Halloween...looking back, I guess I'd be a little sad if my kid chose a superficial icon as her Halloween costume too...

Nice Bangs!
Not sure why I needed a blue heart on my face...

Typical...my sister would be an Animal and I would be a Princess
I was actually in a wedding the previous Summer and this was my flower girl dress...
I remember I won first prize at a Halloween Costume contest down the Cape with that Princess Costume...
Go Figure!

Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!

PS- Still looking for some guest bloggers, while I'm on Vaca

If anyone is interested, please contact me directly at Lifesabeachlab@gmail.com and let me know what day you might be interested in hosting.
I need guest bloggers for the following dates:
Look forward to hearing from you!


  1. Those costumes are so cute :) I love the cookie monster costume!!!! Also...Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a blog award !

  2. I love your Jasmine costume. And that is awesome that your mom made them all!

  3. I seriously see that I have been officially deprived of a fun part of my childhood. I only got to go trick or treating a couple times as a kid because it hasn't been common to do so in Germany until a couple of years ago. Whenever I did go as a child, it was with my American neighbors through the American/Military residential areas. I can't believe your mom made all the costumes! I love it!

    PS: I may be new around your blog, but I'd be happy to guest post if you still need someone :)