LoveSac Sandler

This rainy weather in Boston is just killing me...
I haven't been working out like I should be and most of my days after work look like this:

If you don't know what a Lovesac is, you need to visit the below web-site and take out a small loan to purchase one immediately:

Honestly, this chair/sofa is the best!  When Steve brought it home one night and surprised me, I thought he was proposing...Boy was I wayyy off!
that's a long story for another day though...
haha it is by far the ugliest chair ever, but I fell in love and now it sits in our living room in between our couches...
Go Buy One!

After shopping and doing productive things last Saturday, instead of working out, I buried my fatt arss in the Love Sac and tuned into an Adam Sandler Marathon....

Adam Sandler is ONE of me and Steve's favorite actors of ALL time...
He is so down to earth and I think its awesome that he is always rocking local college shirts in his movies...

Did I mention he's funny and a babe!?

...Such a Good guy...
How do I know he's such a good guy you ask!?
Well, one day S and I were a little tipsy walking down Newbury Street in Boston and as I was trying to annoyingly jump on S's back...
We heard someone laughing and then said:
"What's going on guys?!"
We both looked up and expected to see one of our friends, but instead we saw:


Did Adam Sandler really just say hi to US!?
...sooo crazy! Naturally S instantly asked for a picture and then proceeded to ask if he was headed to a bar...
He was gone before we knew it and quickly surrounded by fans, but how cool is that!?
We didn't want to be annoying and ask for another picture, so I did not get one with him
, but it was awesome to have a celebrity say hi to us for a change....

Don't they both look homeless?

Enjoy your rainy Tuesday Loves...

= )


  1. holy jabronedogs that love sac looks like heaven!
    and also, now im not just jelly of your seating arrangement, i'm also super jeal that you met adam sandler! (even though he totally does look homeless. at least hes down to earth!)

    ps. i nominated you (and your love sac-ing booty) for the liebster award! check 'er out!

    xo michelle

  2. Dude, I want one of those! That looks so comfortable. Bed? Who needs one when you can sleep on that giant sucker right there.

    I've always had a little secret crush on Adam Sandler. He's seriously hilarious and am totally jealous that you met him. Have you seen his latest movie, Jack & Jill? Dude looks horrid in drag but it's funny as hell.

  3. Okay one...I WANT one of those love sacs - I always go into the store and sit on them at the mall! are practically a celebrity now! He said hi to you guys? Just awesome!!

  4. I too am sick of this weather! Between being sick and the lousy weather I have done nothing in a week! I need one of those love sacs. It looks comfy. My son met Adam Sandler when he rented out a theatre over fourth of July a few years back to take his daughter to the movies. He was really nice to him.