Weekend Recap!

Hi Girls!
How was everyone's weekend!?
Mine was SUPER relaxing!
Did you know that I only spent $25.00 this weekend?
Saturday I spent $20 at the local Coffee Shack on Coffee and Pastries for the Fam, then Saturday afternoon I donated $5.00 to a local charity.

It feels good to not be scared to check my bank balance today!
= )

1. Went and saw my favorite little baby this weekend (I bought her that cute lil headband thank you very much...)
2. Went to my town's local Harvestfest
3. Went to dinner with Steve's Sister, her Husband and their little baby...
She was sooo good through dinner you guys! She woke up from her nap and didn't even whimper!
I'm Obsessed....

On a side note....

Congrats to my Biffle- Julia who got engaged this weekend!

I am sooo freaking Happy for her!
Her and her Fiance are legit the BEST couple ever....they ALWAYS have smiles on their faces!
They come back from Chicago tomorrow and I can't wait to celebrate!
...Pat Hired a secret photographer...
Isn't he the best!?

Link up and tell us about your weekend!!!

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  1. You only spent $25 the entire weekend? I'm so jealous...teach me your non-spending ways!

    O.M.G. look at that rock. Wowza. Congratulations to her :)