Weekend Recap

Hi Ladies,
How was everyone's weekend!? Mine was fantastic and I feel like a new person today!
Mom and I got Reiki done this weekend and I really feel relaxed and relieved of troubles today.
If you've never heard or experienced Reiki  you need to find someone in your area that is Reiki certified and make an appointment immediately!
For those of you who don't know what Reiki is:
 Reiki- is a holistic healing modality that eases pain, can help with anxiety, depression, injuries,infections and  boosts the immune system by allowing a state of deep relaxation where healing can occur (source).

Here's a look at my weekend via pictures:

 1. Went to a new local restaurant with S and his sister on Friday.
2. Saturday morning, I woke up early, went for a walk around the neighborhood and returned with some Panera breakfast for Steve and I.

3. Organized my life and put up/decorated a new shelf in our bedroom.
4. Took advantage of the warm weather in Boston on Saturday!
5. After Reiki, Mom and I grabbed some lunch and hit up the mall (new scarf, necklace and earrings all from Francesca's).
6. Finally started my Halloween costume...I'm almost finished...this is a record for me!

How was your weekend!?


  1. what a wonderful weekend! I need to look into the whole reiki thing-- sounds delightful!

  2. Mmm love Panera bread! Great new purchases :)

  3. thanks for visiting mine!! I followed you back as well! I love fracesca's! Can't wait to see your costume!

  4. I haven't had panera in forever! that sounds so good

  5. love that mantel set up, beyond adorable!

    Panera coffee is seriously the best, and MOSNTEROUS, lasts me alll day usually!

    & adore Franchesca's, now I wanna go shopping!

    found you through the hop and I am excited to follow along:)

  6. I love the stuff you got at Francesca's! And I'm glad you were able to enjoy the warm weekend - it was warm here too and I know I'll be wishing for this weather in a month or two!

  7. You decorated your mantel totally cute, love those little ceramics. Ooh, can't wait to see what your costume is.