It's been a while since I linked up with Jamie for WILW, so here goes!

I'm Loving that S and I went to the grocery last night and decided to make taco's...I told him that we already had a taco kit at home, because I would have bet my life on it that we did.
We get home, change into our PJ's and guess what!?
NO Taco Kit!
I quickly grabbed the keys and headed to the convenience store a block away from our house:
Wearing This:

I'm Loving this new chocolate cereal by Kelloggs  that I bought last night:

It's high in fiber, so they aren't the worst things for you...
Great for a quick snack or to defeat your chocolate craving FAST

I'm Loving that Amazon Deals had a coupon for my favorite Reiki place in my hometown...

Have you ladies ever gotten Reiki? It is AMAZING...
Mom and I are going on Sunday!
I always leave this place after a session on cloud 9 without a care in the world...it's crazy and it typically lasts a week or so...

I'm Loving that my best friend and I had an appointment for a wine and paint night last night and we both didn't feel like going...Kiss that $25.00 goodbye...

I'm Loving that I've changed my blog design 4 times in the past 2 days and I'm still not satisfied...

I'm Loving that I'm almost a Starbucks Gold Member!
Let's be real...I should have been a Gold Member like 10 years ago, but I don't always add money to my card!

 I'm Loving that in less than 1 month I will be sipping Margarita's on the beach in the Florida Keys with my ENTIRE family!

What are you Loving this week!?

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  1. That cereal looks fabulous!

    Also, Starbucks gold membership standards are changing in a week or so...they are getting rid of the free syrup and milk option! BOO! But now, we only need to get 12 points to get a free drink instead of 15! w0ot! If you add milk or syrup changes, though, I don't really see saving any money, lol.

    Amazon deals are THE BEST, way better than Groupon, IMO. And I love those shoes you went out it, they are really cool!