Black Friday!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving!?
Mine was fantastic and I am probably never eating again after last night....

^ Lies....I'm already hungry again...

Anyways, as I mentioned HERE, Steve's nephew asked the whole family to dress up as Pilgrims yesterday and we just couldn't say "NO" to his cute lil' face!

Here are a few pictures:
 1. I officially got asked to be a Bridesmaid in my Best Friends Wedding!
2. Hung out with my FAVORITE Baby
3. The Whole Gang!
4. Steve's Sister (Hostess) and Dad
5. Steve and I with the Turkey my dad made me in 4th grade!
6. Yummy Turkey
7. Table ping pong table all set up
8. My plate, didn't even save room for Turkey!
9. My wine choice- I'm definitely a Wicked Boston Girl!

What a great day! I am very Thankful!

We also picked our Christmas Secret Santa's! No, I am not telling you who I have!

I've never been a Black Friday shopper, but if I were, you can rest aassure that I would be caught in something comfy at 5am.
Linking up with LDL for:

1. Victoria's Secret Sweatshirt- who doesn't want to be comfortable at 5am?
2. Yoga Pants- A must for comfort!
3. Uggs- To keep warm if you have to wait outside in lines!
4. Coach Cross Body Bag- You never know when some crazy jerk will run up behind you and try to steal your purse and COUPONS! a Cross Body bag is a MUST!
5. A Watch- Time Check is a must to get to the next sale on time.

Is it sad that I can't wait to get home tonight and decorate for Christmas!?

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