Fun Facts!

 First off, I think I am still in a sugar coma from all of the candy that I ate last night and secondly,
Happy November!
Only 6 more days until I am sipping Margarita's on the Florida Keys and only 10 more days until my only and older sister ties the knot!

I have been working on my maid of honor speech, but am open to cute quotes, suggestions and/or ideas that anyone might have!

After all, I don't want to end up sounding like this chick:



Last month, I was nominated for the Liebster award FOUR times!
Can you believe it!?
Special Thanks to the lovely ladies below:

Michelle @ Peggy & Bea
Lindsey @ Follow the Ruels

Since it would take me eternity to answer all of your questions, I decided to post 20 interesting facts to get to know me better!
Sound good? 
Here goes:
Well, I hope that you learned something fun and interesting about me that you didn't already know!
Be sure to check out the lovely ladies blogs above too!
Have a nice Thursday!


  1. I can't whistle, either! Such a bummer, humming just isn't the same = /

    Totally agree about the pizza and bagels...substitue your BBQ sauce w/ some ranch and I'm set fo' life!

    1. Same here! Can't whistle no matter how hard I try :(

      WOW that MOH speech was painful.

  2. That was most definitely the most awkward MOH speech ever. Like as in I was cringing while watching it..

    Love the facts! I can completeeeely relate to being shy around people you don't know- I'm the same way, but once you get to know me I probably won't shut up :)
    And congrats on getting nominated four times!! I obviously agree with them that you deserve it girl :)

    xo michelle

  3. Oh my goodness, that speech was so awkward. I spent the whole time hoping it would end/wondering if it was a joke. Oh dear. Number 13 is me in a nutshell too, hah! I just found your blog and I love it!

  4. congrats on your award!! Jealous you haven't broken a bone.