Guest Blog: Comfort Long-Distance by Rebecca.

Hey y'all. 

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I'm Rebecca and I'm coming to you from Forever After Undecided, where I blog about life as a German girl that one day upped and moved across the pond to find out what else is out there for her.
What was once supposed to be a nine months academic stay turned into an ongoing romance of now two and a half years with the City of Angels.
I have found life, love and Mexican food in SoCal and fallen for the everlasting sunshine, palm trees and the Los Angeles Westside. In true German fashion I am a lover of all things chocolate, beer and Christmas.

Today I am thrilled to be blogging for Kristen while she is spending the week alongside her sister's last days as a single lady. I will try and make the wait for beautiful wedding celebration pictures worthwhile for you.
{Thanks for having me, Kristen.}

As you have learned over the past few days and from my fellow guest blogger ladies, Kristen wanted me to tell you all the essentials in my carry on baggie.  As the daughter of an airline employee, lover of all things airport and airplane, and driven by constant wanderlust, I fly frequently and mostly long-distance. Sidenote: A flight from my LA home to my Frankfurt home is a fun eleven hours long.
My bag may therefore be a teeny bit fuller than your regular carry on ...

The Beauty Pocket. 

Chapstick, LipGloss and a Hair Brush. Must have -- on long flights, lips dry out, and from experience let me tell you, you never know who is sitting next to you or expecting you at the airport.  

Hand and Facial Lotion. Again, skin dries out and I want to look and feel somewhat refreshed upon arrival.

Perfume. We have all sat next to that stinky feet and leaking sweat nastiness which clearly justifies clouding the entire cabin with Chanel.

Entertainment Industry.

My Diary. I enjoy a good diary entry during a long flight home.

iPod/Mac. I get so bored watching movies for hours, I need to be daydreaming to music and writing blog posts and emails. 

Magazines. As much as I can't do a beach day without them, I can't do a flight without them. Remember I have 11 hours to kill usually. And isn't that the best part of airports, roaming the little corner news stores for great reads? 

Nutrition Supply.

Candy. Nothing happens without candy, in flight service or not. I vote for M&Ms to be added.

Gum. Nothing like airplane breath meets sleep breath. Gross. Not to mention the turbulence nausea.

Extra Water. Even with inflight service at hand, you want to make sure to stay hydrated, because trust me, blood clogs are not something you want to show off on your legs post-arrival.


Fuzzy Socks. There is nothing like it in order to ensure warm footsies on the plane.

Sleep Mask and Earplugs. These are essential if I want to have the slightest shot at a nap on even an overnight flight.

I tend to bring a lot more for comfort -- pillow, scarves, even bigger cardigans, but I didn't want you to get the impression that I'm some sort of a travel hoarder would be much too early in our friendship for that kind of confession. 

Now, I would love it if you came to visit my my humble corner of the web so I can meet you.

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  1. Great list! Packing is an art form, for sure.

  2. packing list IS an art form, ugh I hate it! can't wait to check out your blog!

  3. great stuffs here! :) Oooh M&Ms I will always love that! :0


  4. adore this. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo