Guest Blogger: Blonde Ambitions

Hi Life's A Beach followers! I'm Andrea from Blonde Ambitions and am very excited to be posting for Kristen today!

For those that don't know me I thought I would share a little about what you can find on my blog.

I am a Texas Aggie, class of '03! Here is a throwback picture from 10 years ago!! Wow! That dates us doesn't it? Look how young we look! :) We are so proud of our Aggies! We are kicking booty in the SEC, love it!

I have two baby Reveilles as my "fur children".
Shelby & Lady are very spoiled!

I love shopping! My favorites are Tory Burch and Ann Taylor LOFT!

I love cooking and food photography!

I love my husband more than anything :)

Now...on to what you can find in my carry-on bag when I travel!

My carry on is a LV Totally MM. I have had this bag for a few years and adore it! It is just perfect for using as my purse everyday but versatile enough to be used as a carry on for trips!

In it you will find these:

gum of course!! I can't go anywhere without it. Orbit is my preferred brand.

Hand cream! This stuff is amazing! It is from Bath & Body Works and smells like heaven! It is also silky and leaves my hands feeling so soft.

My Kindle. I love this thing! I have one of the original versions and it is still going strong! I haven't bought a paperback book in years and love that I can skip from one book to the next without carrying them all with me.

Laura Mercier lip gloss. I love it! I have 3 different shades of pink that I carry all of the time. I sometimes will mix them to get just the right shade.

These protein bars are my favorite snack ever! I always have at least one in my bag, purse, desk at work and of course int he pantry at home. They are packed with protein but also have some much needed chocolate :) If you haven't tried them then you must go buy a box now!

A little tabloid trash :) I can't resist buying a magazine or two when I walk by the store at the airport or at the checkout in the grocery store. Why do I keep spending my money on these?? Oh well, it makes me happy for the 10 minutes it takes to read them!

Water! I always have a bottle of water with me when traveling. I like the Smart Water for the added electrolytes.
{all images above via google}

and that's what you will find in my carry on bag :)

Thanks for having me today Kristen!

I hope that you will head on over to my blog & say hello!


  1. First, I die for your LV bag:) I love those protein bars, always have to have handcream (I'll check that one out), I always forget gum but have altoids (which I actually despise but they do the job:), and I just love that you love tabloid trash--me too! Such a fun post, love it!

  2. I always carry my e-reader with me when I travel. The hubs put all kinds of different movies & books on there so I never ever have time to get bored haha.

  3. I always have smart water too - good call! I need it to take my motion sickness pills! lol

  4. Fun post, Andrea! I'm right there with ya on the trash magazines. I cannot resist. I will have to try that sounds wonderful! :)

  5. Great guest post, Andrea!! And can I borrow that LV one day....promise to give it back...maybe...

  6. Oh gosh, food photography is my favorite to look at! How do they make the food alway look so scrumptious!!!
    Great guest post ;)
    xo TJ