Guest Blogger: Vineyard Loveknots

Happy Friday Life's A Beach readers!

Lindsay here from Vineyard Loveknots and I'm happy to be filling in for Kristen while she is in Florida.

Continuing with this week's topic... what's in my carry on? Here are a few of my must haves when I fly.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To Go
I always wipe down the arm rest, tray table and seat belt. Germaphobe. 

Flying advice I found in Allure, one of my favorite magazines:

An Interview With Marica Kilgore
Kilgore is the founder of Soap & Glory, a makeup and skin-care line, and a frequent international traveler.
Refresh your skin. The most important thing you can do is moisturize. Moisture reflects light, so you don't see imperfections as much. Right before I get on a plane, I dampen my face and then put on a rich cream like Soap & Glory's Make Yourself Youthful. Over that, I'll smooth just a dab of Vaseline. People think it'll cause breakouts, but it stays on the surface and acts as a barrier that keeps moisture from escaping. 
You must use your liquids bag space wisely. I put Vaseline in a small travel container and save my deluxe samples for travel.

Travel Wallet
Have you ever put your boarding pass in an random pocket and frantically tried to locate it before getting on the plane? To stay organized, I keep all of my itineraries and boarding passes in this travel wallet and also any receipts when I'm traveling for business. I bought the bright orange so I would be able to find it in my bag easily.

via Instagram msslindsay

I'm terrified of losing my luggage, so always try to carry on when possible. To get around the two bag limit, I usually pack my everyday bag into a larger tote to put under the seat in front of me.

Thank you Kristen for having me today :) 
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I absolutely love the orange passport case!
    Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

  2. I do the same thing regarding carrying on. After my luggage was torn badly by one of my favorite airlines, I just don't really trust them anymore -- they handle it roughly.

    Another travel tip I love is that I always keep a pair of socks in the front pocket of my luggage. Then, when going through security, if I'm not wearing socks I can just slip them on and not have to worry about the germies.

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