Guest Post By Lin: What's In My Carry On?

Hi guys!

I'm Lin from Linny's Vault, some of you may have heard of me...oh, no? Hm...this just got awkward. Lets move on. 

Last week Kristen asked me if I'd like to guest post on this fabulous blog of hers while she's away and I have to be honest I was pretty honored since she's such a cool kat & all, so of course I said 'hell yes!'. Which is why I'm here today, obviously. 

You guys may have noticed there's a bit of a theme with this week's guest bloggers, the topic being 'what's in my carry on?', so here's the gist of what I carry in mine ->

My Carry On Bag

1. Flip-flops - Chances are I'll be wearing my Chucks so having a pair of these will come in handy when I finally want to 'relax'.
2. Colgate Wisps - Bad breath? No worries, these suckers will take care of it for you! They're also great in case you meet a hot guy on the flight or your toothbrush somehow gets lost.
3. Red Vines - Any candy will do but Red Vines are the best because they fill you up if you're hungry & can also double as a delicious straw.
4. Chap-Stick - No one likes to have dry, cracked lips. Yuck.
5. Extra undies - I'm a firm believer in 'better safe than sorry'. Accidents? Lost luggage? I'm set.
6. Ear buds - Don't get caught having to listen your neighbor snore or talk your ear off. Once those suckers are on the world is dead to me.
7. Cleansing wipes - My skin tends to feel oily & dirty throughout the day so I never travel without them. Also, if worse comes to worse & you can't shower, these will save you from being the smelly girl in town.
8. Passport - Pretty self explanatory.
9. Nook - Thanks to the hubs, mine's loaded with hundreds of books & my favorite movies so this is a definite must have when I travel anywhere. Yes, I get bored really easily.
10. Trivial Pursuit travel game - This is the funnest game ever!
11. Lady products - Mother nature doesn't care that you're on vacation. Be prepared.
12. Cardigan - It can get cold on those flights.

Hope you guys had fun checking out all the random stuff  I carry with me when I travel. If you get a chance, visit me over at my blog. It would seriously make my day.

Thanks for letting me post on here, Kristen!


  1. #4. A must. I'm pretty sure at any given moment I have at least 3 on me somewhere.

    #11. Truth. Motherbeeping truth. It's like she's just waiting for you to try and have a good time to ruin your life. She's got a sick, twisted sense of humore that Mother Nature.

  2. Ha ha! To be honest, I have never put extra undies in my carry on. But socks! Warm socks for long flights, and a sweatshirt because it can be used as a sweatshirt (well, duh!) and as a pillow that molds perfectly to my cone head.

  3. I ALWAYS pack underwear in mine too just in case my suitcase gets lost! Totally take book/earbuds and sometimes a snack. I am working on getting my passport so that will be added soon! :)

  4. Great post! I love traveling so much.

    <3 Melissa

  5. Good call on number 5! I like to change in new undies after an overseas trip!

  6. This post is perfect! I've only traveled far once.. Where were you when I needed this? :P

    - Alyssa